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Emergent Campus Welcomes IntelliQuilter to Its Florence, Colorado Business Facility

Florence, Colorado – 1/26/2024

Emergent Campus, a hub for innovation and economic development in Florence, Colorado, today announced the addition of IntelliQuilter to its community of pioneering companies. IntelliQuiter, a leader in the long-arm quilting industry has chosen Emergent Campus for its new office space, a decision driven by the company’s growth and need to increase fulfillment capacity and broaden its service offerings.

According to the company’s website, IntelliQuilter, under the founding leadership of Zoltan Kasa, “has been instrumental in revolutionizing the quilting industry. The company’s innovations, including IntelliQuilter, IntelliStitch, and EdgeRider Wheels, have redefined long-arm quilting by enhancing efficiency and precision. These advancements have garnered a 95% customer satisfaction rating and have shipped thousands of systems worldwide.”

“Emergent Campus is excited to have IntelliQuilter join our collaborative environment. Their commitment to innovation and excellence in the quilting industry aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering high-tech growth in rural Colorado,” said a spokesperson from Emergent Campus.

The relocation also marks a significant transition in IntelliQuilter’s leadership, with Barna Kasa, Zoltan Kasa’s son, taking on a greater role in overseeing operations, marketing, and various business aspects. Barna’s entrepreneurial acumen and innovative spirit are anticipated to propel IntelliQuilter into a new era of modernization and expansion.

The new offices at the 75,000 square foot Emergent Campus is more than a mere change in location for IntelliQuilter. It signifies the company’s dedication to maintaining its position at the forefront of quilting technology. This move into a vibrant center of innovation and collaboration offers IntelliQuilter the resources and environment to continue its legacy of providing high-quality, innovative solutions to quilters globally.

IntelliQuilter’s integration into the Emergent Campus is a testament to the Campus’s ongoing efforts in partnership with business leaders and non-profits to invigorate sustainable, rural prosperity in the region. Since repurposing the historic Florence High School in 2019, Emergent Campus has become a cornerstone for tech job creation and startup growth in Fremont County, contributing significantly to the regional economy while preserving the site’s historical significance.

For more information on IntelliQuilter and its pioneering products, please visit intelliquilter.com.

About IntelliQuilter

IntelliQuilter, IntelliStitch, and EdgeRider Wheels, all creations of Zoltan Kasa, have consistently led the industry in innovation and quality. Zoltan, the founder and chief engineer, has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing his significant contributions to the advancement of the quilting industry. With a global distribution network successfully shipping thousands of systems, and an impressive 95% customer satisfaction rating, these products have made a remarkable impact. They enable users to quilt more efficiently and rapidly than traditional hand quilting, thus enhancing the profitability of their businesses. Additionally, they offer the dual benefits of reducing physical strain and maintaining creative freedom for quilters worldwide.

About Emergent Campus

Partnering with Fremont Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), in Fremont County, Colorado, the Emergent Campus invests in rural prosperity by bringing high tech jobs to rural Colorado and providing space for innovative sector workers, remote tech workers, and other entrepreneurs. Since Emergent Campus moved into the historic Florence High School in 2019, it has transformed the space to into co-working and business offices to provide an attractive solution for tech companies looking to extend their workforce, engage in active business development, and participate in a growing startup ecosystem. The space is responsible for 80+ new tech-based jobs in Fremont County and creates over $13 million in overall economic impact annually, all while maintaining the historic integrity of Florence High School. In cooperation with FEDC, hundreds of innovation sector jobs have been brought to the area, along with countless grants and awards which are helping to drive positive change and velocity in the regions rural economy. Emergent Campus is part of Colorado State’s second tech sector partnership, the South Central Tech Sector.

To learn more about Emergent Campus, and FEDCs TechSTART program, visit emergentcampus.com and techstart.fremontedc.com.

Emergent and Member Business Awards

2024 Stephen H. Hart Award

2020 Rural Innovation Excellence Award – U.S. Small Business Administration Region VIII Office – Emergent Campus, Florence, Colorado

2020 Best of Class Technology Award – Bravrr Inc/BruxRelief – Cellerant Consulting Group

2019 Talent Champion of the Year – Alan Butler FEDC TechSTART – APEX AWARDS – Hosted by Colorado Technology Association

2017 Leadership in Rural Economic Development – Action22 Inc. Southern Colorado 2016 Volunteer of the year – Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility – Essential Piece Awarded to David Brad Rowland